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Applying is easy

Just follow these simple steps - it should take no more than 10 minutes of your time.

1. To open an account with FirstSave you will need to:

  • be aged 18 or over;
  • Be a UK resident (this excludes the Channel Islands and Isle of Man);
  • Hold a personal U.K. current account;
  • Have a valid personal email address (we suggest you don't use an email address provided by your employer).

In some instances, we may ask for additional documents to check your identity before opening your account. We’ll let you know about this at the end of your application.

Please note: we do not currently accept Power of Attorney applications for new accounts.

2. Decide on the product and read the Terms and Conditions

3. Start your application...

Account Gross Rate Annual Gross Rate Monthly AER

Notice Savings Accounts

Need a high paying savings account but don’t need immediate access to your money? A notice account might suit you.
  • No fixed term but requires a notice period;
  • Higher interest rate;
30 Day Notice Account 4.60% 4.51% 4.60%

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60 Day Notice Account 4.80% 4.70% 4.80%

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90 Day Notice Account 5.00% 4.89% 5.00%

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Fixed Rate Bond Savings Accounts

If you are willing to lock your cash away, and get a high return. Then a fixed-rated savings accounts could be the account for you?
  • No withdrawals;
  • Fixed for the term;
  • High interest rate;
6 Month Fixed Rate Bond Currently Unavailable
1 Year Fixed Rate Bond Currently Unavailable
18 Month Fixed Rate Bond Currently Unavailable
2 Year Fixed Rate Bond Currently Unavailable
3 Year Fixed Rate Bond Currently Unavailable

AER means "annual equivalent rate" and is a notional rate which illustrates the gross interest rate as if paid and compounded on a monthly or annual basis whichever is applicable to the account.

Banking Charges - The standard operation of your account will be free from charges. However, there may be exceptional times when charges apply, these are detailed in our Tariff of charges.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about your application, all our contact information can be found in our Contact Us page